Mondial brings world-class medical equipment to the Philippines

elevates local healthcare industry with complete, superior standard medical solutions

MFT Group of Companies CEO Mica F. Tan and COO Dr. Eric F. Tan with the Mondial Sales Team

(L-R) Dr. Eric Tan, COO of MFT Group of Companies / Arlene Mauricio, Sales Director for Mondial Medical Technologies / Dr. Lyndon Dayrit / Mica F. Tan, CEO of MFT Group of Companies / Brian Ngan / Coco Lee, Head of Sales for Creative Medical / Fitri Sedzali, Product Development Executive of BellComm

(L-R) Dr. Gary Amores and Jay Amores of MedEquip / Dra. Mercy Antoinette Gappi of St. Lukes and Lung Center

During the launch, the Mondial team talked about the growing medical industry and how the company advocates the quality of healthcare in the country. (From left) Brian Ngan, Coco Lee, Head of Sales for Creative Medical, Fitri Sedzali, Product Development Executive of BellComm, Arlene Mauricio, Sales Director for Mondial Medical Technologies

The Filipino medical institution from doctors to nurses to other allied medical service is known all over the world to produce world class service-oriented professionals.

We have the talent present here in the Philippines despite many of them leaving for better pay.

What we need right now to complement our talent is to increase the medical institutions that can provide adequate medical services

In 2017, the Department of Health (DOH) reported that the shortage of beds remain a challenge in government hospitals, as 800 people struggle for one hospital bed, a 1:800 ratio in Metro Manila alone.

To address this growing medical concern, Mondial Medical Technologies (Mondial)—the latest player in the country’s medical device industry—is committed to provide modern and quality medical products to help improve healthcare services in the country.

“We hope to be the bridge to modernizing the Philippine healthcare industry and be a catalyst to changing the way health care services are delivered here by providing hospitals, clinics, and health centers with world-class medical devices,” said Dr. Enrique Tan of Mondial.

During its launch recently held in Taguig City, Mondial introduced its extensive portfolio of equipment, supplies, and devices that will help create more meaningful and sustainable healthcare for all Filipinos.

“Mondial Medical exists to ramp up the capabilities of the healthcare industry, and to provide better healthcare through our modern medical equipment across different product categories to respond to the needs of our customers nationwide,” Tan added.

Hero product

The company particularly highlights one of its products in its flagship line, the medical pendant, which it exclusively distributes in the Philippines and is considered as its first hero product. “This modern medical equipment is the ideal partner of doctors when performing different surgical procedures,” Dr. Tan said.

The medical pendant is built with the core purpose of bringing convenience, with its capability to move vertically and laterally to safely accommodate medical devices and achieve a faster turnaround between cases.

“It is our mission to improve the way healthcare services are extended to Filipinos, by being the leading provider of quality, cost-effective, and responsive medical devices and supply solutions,” explained Tan.

To ensure superior quality of its medical equipment, its products undergo a strict vetting process and only collaborate with globally-recognized partners, including Bell Comm Technologies Malaysia and Creative Medical Shenzen, that are compliant with global quality standards.

Other Mondial flagship medical products include Patient monitors, ECG Machines, Ultrasound Machines, Pulse Oximeter, and medical furniture that it distributes from various foreign partners.

Its products are also Philippine Food and Drug Authority-approved. Mondial provides preventive maintenance services to optimize and maximize the functions and life span of its product offerings, to boot.

Mondial Medical Technologies is led by a management team with over 60 year of experience in the healthcare industry. It was borne out of a vision to provide complete, superior standard, and globally competitive medical products and solutions in the Philippines.

(L-R) MFT Group of Companies CEO Mica F. Tan / Paolo Bugayong, CEO & Co-Founder of Aide / Angela Bugayong and Fidel Bugayong

MFT Group of Companies CEO Mica F. Tan speaks to the audience on the prospects of Mondial Medical Technologies’ business in the Philippines

Guests trying the pulse oximeters

MFT Group of Companies CEO Mica F. Tan / Patient Monitors booth