MFT Group, Mondial to Donate Emergency Quarantine Facilities to State-run Hospitals

MFT Group of Companies, together with its healthcare arm, Mondial Medical Technologies, funded the construction of Emergency Quarantine Facilities (EQFacility) in three hospitals nearing full capacity due to the rising number of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) patients under their care. This is in support of a larger undertaking spearheaded by a group of architects to build EQFacilities across the country.

All three EQFacilities, with a 16-bed capacity each, are already fully operational. Construction at the Fernando Air Base Hospital and at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute finished last April 11, while construction at the Lung Center of the Philippines was completed last April 27.

Both MFT Group and its subsidiary, Mondial, aim to support the fight against COVID-19 by addressing the shortage of rooms in various hospitals around the country.

Aligned in the mission of providing superior-standard medical solutions to institutions in need, MFT Group and Mondial are doing their part by continuously searching for new opportunities to help and meet the demands of the healthcare industry.

Recent reports about the lack of space in hospitals sending COVID-19 patients home with little to no support has spurred MFT Group and its partner firm, Plaza + Partners, to partake in this project and provide quick solutions to the rising needs of the country.

Through the funding of these facilities, MFT Group and Mondial are helping resolve the lack of facilities in various hospitals to be able to accommodate more COVID-19 patients and prevent other Persons Under Monitoring or Investigation (PUMs or PUIs) from being sent home without receiving proper treatment and care.

Fernando Air
Base Hospital

Lipa, Batangas

Interior and exterior view of the EQFacility at Fernando Air Base Hospital in Lipa, Batangas, completed last April 11, 2020.

National Kidney
and Transplant Institute

Quezon City

Day 1 of construction (top) and finished (bottom) hybrid EQFacility which acts as an operating room at the National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City.

Lung Center
of the Philippines

Quezon City

Day 4 (top) of construction and finished (bottom) EQFacility at the Lung Center of the Philippines which ended last April 27, 2020.

Easy-to-build Temporary Emergency Quarantine Facilities

The EQFacilities, designed by WTA Architecture and Design Studio, can be constructed in five to seven days – three days construction, one day finishing, and one-day interior and on-boarding. With the rapid increase of persons contracting the virus, WTA’s main priority when it comes to these temporary structures is speed and scalability. This is to help prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed with the rising number of patients with COVID-19.

The design, which can be replicated by others free of charge, is a horizontal structure that makes use of a protective skin of transparent, translucent, and opaque plastic enveloping each wooden structure. The design was inspired by the structure used during the Anthology Sessions at Think Architecture, Anthology Festival 2020 held in Intramuros.

WTA has successfully secured and sourced out resources to fund 22 Emergency Quarantine Facilities and counting. They now have a total of 62 (37 finished, and 25 pending) EQFacilities all over the Philippines.

According to William Ti, principal architect of WTA Architecture and Design Studio, the 16-bed emergency quarantine facility can be fitted with partitions to segregate the patients. It also includes a testing area and testing box, toilets with toiletries, sanitation and disinfection areas, and a nurse’s lounge.

Besides handling EQFacility fundings, WTA also accepts construction materials, food, and PPE donations. To learn more about their initiatives please visit

The design of the EQFacilities was inspired by the structure used during the Anthology Sessions at Think Architecture, Anthology Festival 2020 in Intramuros.

Initial floor plan of the EQFacility made readily available for the public, by WTA Architecture.