Agfa wants a slice of PHL medical imaging market

By: Roderick Abad | July 28, 2022
Source: Business Mirror

Belgium-based Agfa Group said Wednesday that it has forged a partnership with Mondial Medical Technologies (MMT) as it has set its sights on the local medical imaging market.

The company unveiled its European-sourced mobile imaging equipment in the Philippines. Touted as a new force in mobile direct radiology (DR), the newly-launched DR100s extends its patient-centered benefits in local hospitals and clinics.

The company said the mobile digital radiology system features “excellent” DR image quality that enables “first-time right” imaging at low radiation dose that allows for faster workflow in the department, better patient care and diagnosis.

The machine is very mobile and can be maneuvered even in small spaces with its Zero Force Technology. Its agility enables staff members to easily do imaging, in the bedside, wards, ICU and operating rooms.

Agfa and MMT said they see “substantial potential” in the launch of this product in the country on the back of the growing local medical imaging market.

According to data from Coccir, this sector has a market value of P1.75 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow by 7.5 percent up to 2024.

The total DR business here alone is estimated at $1.2 billion and that includes mobile x-rays, floor mounted, ceiling mounted, DR Retrofits and digital RF.

“For the Philippines, we hope to achieve at least for this type of products—the motorized, mobile and the flat panel detectors or the retrofits—25 percent market share,” Edison Laserna, Agfa Healthcare’s country business development manager for the Philippines, told the BusinessMirror on the sidelines of the product’s launch in Taguig City.

“Hopefully with the partnership with Mondial, we should be able to successfully get that market share.”

MFT Group, the holding company of MMT, is bullish on achieving such goal. Its market intelligence shows “great opportunities” in the medical imaging industry given the country’s growing population and increasing demand for medical imaging services, according to MFT Group CEO Mica F. Tan.

“We’ve seen how machine like this is very cost-efficient for our hospitals. It is very seamless for patient data. We want to provide our doctors better tools that can help them make do their jobs better and simpler. And this DR100S allows us to do that,” she said.

“We are confident that this partnership with Agfa will provide better diagnosis that will ultimately lead to better decision-making by our medical doctors and thus enhancing patient experience.”

The Mobile D100s will be offered to both private and government hospitals in all regions of the country.

“Our team from Agfa, together with Mondial, will be touring around the Philippines to show the product to our customers,” Laserna noted.

Having already serviced and supplied 500 hospitals and institutions nationwide, MMT expects positive clientele experience of the DR100s and how the machine can simplify the requirements of both hospital staff and patients alike.

“Our experts were very impressed with it and this is the type of innovation we would like to see more of here in the local setting. This is only the beginning,” Tan said.